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Through Black Spruce (2018)


Interdisciplinary Artist and Composer

Based in Toronto, Ontario, alaska has a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Arts from Concordia University, a degree in Computer Animation from Sheridan college, and a passion for exploring the intersection between media and technology. Known for her problem solving skills, creative approach, and mix of expertise, her practice moves fluidly between digital media production, installation and musical performance. Her unique skill range has seen her trouble shoot as theatrical technician for large scale community engaged performances; produce and present her own animations and intermedia creations; and to build a striking musical catalogue that is grand in scope.

As a composer and performer, her award-winning film and game scores (Canadian Screen Award 2019, Canadian Game Awards 2016) and songwriting (Polaris Prize nominated, Juno Awards nominated) have been heard all over the world.

Her film work includes Through Black Spruce (2018) and Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John (2015). Her video game credits include Mark of The Ninja (2012) and the critically acclaimed Severed (2016, PS VITA, 3DS, WiiU, Switch, iOS)

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