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SEVERED (2016)

SEVERED: Original Soundtrack YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN & PANTAYO released April 11, 2016 Winner of "Best Musical Score", Canadian Video Game Awards 2016

Performances by:  alaska B John Ancheta PJ Andersson Christine Balmes Michelle Cruz Joanna Delos Reyes Kat Estacio Katrina Estacio Anissa Hart Ange Loft Andrew McAnsh Jenny Mecija Shub Roy Walter Scott Brendan Swanson Troy Swanson Hiroki Tanaka Produced by alaska B & Brendan Swanson (tracks 13, 14)  Composed & Arranged by YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN & Pantayo Recorded at Pureland Studios, Toronto, ON, Canada

Severed (c) 2016 Drinkbox Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Developed and Published by Drinkbox Studios Inc. Drinkbox, Drinkbox Studios, the Drinkbox Studios design, "Severed" and any and all associated design(s) are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Drinkbox Studios Inc.


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