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released October 1, 2011

Nominee: 2012 Polaris Prize Shortlist

Alaska B - Drums, Keys, Programming Ruby Kato Attwood - Vocals John Ancheta - Bass, Acoustic Guitar Ange Loft - Vocals Shub Roy - Guitar Walter Scott - Vocals Brendan Swanson - Keys Front Cover Art by Alaska B

Back Cover Art by Ruby Kato Attwood Recorded & Engineered @ Gloryhole by Alaska B Mastered by Electric Frog Recordings Paper Bag Records ©2011 YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN

“Volcanic prog-rock colored with equal parts post-punk urgency, stoner-metal heft, and psychedelic pop whimsy.” -Pitchfork (8.2/10)

“It’s intentionally confounding and endlessly ambitious, but also eminently listenable.” - Now Magazine (4/5)  “An original record blending beauty and brutality, YT//ST should only find more supporters as its reputation spreads.” -Exclaim! Magazine

“The endlessly creative, constantly evolving Montreal/Toronto art-and-music collective makes beautiful noise, incredible illustrations and elaborate stage settings.” - The Grid TO

“Yamantaka // Sonic Titan take a bit of the sound and a whole lot of the fury from each genre, creating something that might not be embraced by metal or opera purists, but should be by everyone else.” - Coke Machine Glow "This is the kind of record that happens when city dwellers in two of the most multicultural urban areas of the world mix up gender, culture and genre with a sense of urgency: Toronto and Montreal should produce more music like this. It's the most original thing I've heard this year; complicated but tuneful, aggressive and approachable... There is no finer record in Canada this year that marries experimentation and focus. This sounds like the birth of a new culture." - David Dacks, Exclaim!


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